Becoming the Master of Your Life and Future


The Human Trust Foundation 501c3

As an environmental impact charity and investment vehicle, we are dedicated to catalyzing a movement in regenerative finance, leveraging impact investment and our Donor Advised Fund, to make it easier for individuals, businesses, and investors to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation and ocean clean up efforts around the world.



Learn How to Host Adventure Retreats Around the World. 

This Program you will learn...
Implement the Adventure Retreat Business Model in your business
Host a Rewarding Experience that your community will remember forever
Strategically Market and Advertise a Sell-Out Retreat

Free Energy Center Activation Meditation

Infinite possibilities exist in this moment. Stop reliving the past and start tapping into your magic.
This meditation will...
  • Activate Alignment in your body on a soul level.
  • Accelerate Your Manifestation
  • Upgrade your Confidence 
  • Up-level Your Biology
  • Help You Focus Your Energy
  • Discover the Power of Breathwork

Sacred Strategy

Are you a purpose driven entrepreneur who knows you are here on this planet to make a positive impact? Are you struggling to find the best strategy and framework to find the right clients and connect with them deeply so they pay you for your gifts and expertise?

  • How to magnetize your soulmate clients through the power of your web presence
  • Marketing mojo that gives your inspired message global reach.
  • Powerful launch strategies to attract your soul-aligned tribe and reach 1000 true fans.

In Sacred Strategy we will align your inspired message and your transformational offerings with the divine vibration of your true Soul’s Purpose, so that you can magnetize ideal fans, prospects, allies, and clients, and create the life and business you deeply desire.

Sacred Strategy is a catalyst for positive personal, professional and societal change.


Quantum Meditation Mastery

Your brain is a quantum computer. The more that you master your mind (the OS) the more power you have to create your reality. Quantum Meditation is a Consciousness Technology and methodology that will profoundly impact your life and future. Discover how new breakthroughs in neuroscience and quantum physics can profoundly shape your understanding and ability to manifest your reality. 


The Mind Lab Institute - Future Hacking Master Class

Learn the 7-Step Process To Achieving Your Goals, Fast.  Apply Neuroscience, Heart-Brain Communication, and Quantum Theory to Create Timelines For Your Future.

  • Understand neuroscience, heart-brain communication, and quantum physics and apply them to creating the future 
  • Easy and practical process for gaining clarity and confidence about your future- and create a strategy to get there.
  • At the end of the Mind Lab program you will have a clear map of your future vision and strategy.

The Mind Lab Is One of The Most Advanced Programs On Goal Setting and the Science of Manifestation. Designed For Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Emerging Leaders Ready To Take A Quantum Leap - Beyond Ordinary Living - While Activating The Human Mind In Ways That Are Pushing The Boundaries of Human Potential and Future Creation.


Hack Your Education - Calling all University and High School Students

Are you a student in High School or College looking for an excuse to start creating your future, before you graduate? AND you have no idea where to begin, or you feel like you need to wait until you graduate to get started? Let's recreate the way that we use school research to have a real impact in the world.

  • Design your Ultimate Lifestyle starting with school research to build a blog.
  • Cultivate Street Smarts by connecting your research with real projects and businesses.
  • Take a holistic approach to transforming your life and take ownership of your educational experience.
  • Align your research projects with your passions,
  • Connect you research with your industry niche,
  • Design your own curriculum and homework, Build a business or get any job, Get your foot in the door of your dream career, Start on your path to becoming an expert.

Don't wait until you graduate to start making a difference in your world. 


Create Your Intern Army and Turn Your Business Into an Accredited University Program

Tap In To The Astonishing Power of Education Energy. Build an army of interns who support your business or non-profit organization. While Jonathan Fritzler was studying business at the University of Hawaii, he decided to start his own university course. Nearly every dean and chancellor in the school laughed and said it was impossible for an undergraduate to start his own course. But eventually he found a way.

In this book you will learn how the Education Energy Framework will establish your business or organization as an accredited university program so you can begin outsourcing research, peer reviews, R&D, and gain access to interns who will work for for you- FOR FREE. Buy the book now to get access to the most advanced framework in this field or for one on one strategy with Jonathan email him: [email protected]



The Every Day Hero Project

Our mission is to assess the needs of global communities, and to work with resident leaders to provide resources, tools, and education for success. Since 2010, EHP has supported countries in need:

  • CERT Training and Disaster Preparedness Programs in at risk/ target areas prone to natural disaster.
  • First Response Disaster Support: Post hurricane and natural disaster EHP Partners with Operation Float, Boondocks K-9 Search and Rescue to ensure people are safe, and have proper food, shelter, and medical equipment to get back on their feet.
  • Volentourism: Once communities have their basic needs met, our team will bring groups of activated Every Day Heroes to help people rebuild and clean up the mess that was made.

Schedule A Coaching Session with Jonathan

Jonathan offers a training ground for ordinary people to become extraordinary, and a framework for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to experience a quantum leap in their journey to creating their dream. Sacred Strategy is a catalyst for positive personal, professional and societal change. It is our mission to help individuals bring consciousness into their lives at every level — through the mind, body and spirit—and into the world around them—through humanitarianism, ecological awareness, and travel.


Skip weeks, months, or even years of figuring things out the hard way. Most people set goals based on their understanding of the past. Learn how to make quantum leaps in your personal growth, income, career, business, and relationships without the hustle and grind.



Discover the epic programs, curricula, books, courses and companies that we have been involved in, and find out how to get connected. We host retreat and workshops in citites around the world and would love to come to your town! 



Since giving a TED Talk in 2011, Jonathan has spoken on over 100 stages on 40+ topics ranging from Quantum Physics and Neuroscience to the future of education and technology. His poetic dialect and humorist demeanor brings new energy to any event.


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